Femme much?

In reading a couple of other blogs this morning I came across an interesting post. The post was on Pretty, Plus, and Proud’s blog. She featured Dr. Cori whose blog is full of inspiration for every woman. She promises that in working with her, you will have the tools you need to feel confident and feminine.

I love women who promote self love. Often I see many individuals who put up barriers, which lead to their own demise or stall. Through self love individuals are empowered to achieve their goals.There is no limit to where you will end up when you take care of the one person who will be with you forever…yourself.

This spoke volumes to me today because I am on my own journey and look forward to the great things I will accomplish this year. I was never one to think I had self love or self esteem issues but as I work through the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I realize we all have issues to work on in order to become our best selves. The things standing in our way is us, our hopes, fears, dreams, and naivety. I hope that everyone’s New Year is starting off prosperously and you are working towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself and then some.

Now if you’re like me and get caught in words, Femme may not be an attractive adjective to describe where you want to be. Feel free to change the words to fit your needs, styles, and expectations. Don’t let that be one more thing that prevents you from getting what you need to be successful.

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No Spend?….There’s gotta be a better way


Got a call today that was exciting, as well as a little daunting. 90 days until we need to move from our current home to some place else. That 90 days expires on April 12, 2017. Where that someplace else is, I have no idea. To buy or rent, that is the question. However, before I can answer that question I need to save, save, save. That means pinching pennies. For someone who’s on Amazon day and night this will not be an easy task. I knew I had to do something so off hunting I went for tips and tricks to make this feat easier.

After perusing through a few articles and thinking a no spend quarter was the answer, I came across an interesting piece of information that made me stop and think. I automatically thought I’d try this no spending thing however, Jen Perkins at “Master the Art of Saving” made me rethink this decision quickly. How will I keep myself from spend binging once this was over? Yes, this is a concern because I spend like there is no limit.

I use a credit card for all purchases and simply use my paycheck to pay it off. This works because as long as I don’t overspend my paycheck, “its all good.” Not really because continuing in this way I would have saved zilch. So on to a better plan.

I created a budget of necessities and non-negotiables. I didn’t want to give up some luxuries that are accounted for. Who can live without a Netflix binge? There was no need to list my wants. That list would be too extensive. I continued on detailing what we could save and immediately following each pay day I will deposit a certain portion of that amount into a savings account which I could not touch on a whim. This may be touch and go for the first paycheck or two but I think it is possible to be in a good position in April.

If I get through 90 days who knows where this will go. Today, I publicly declare my commitment to getting myself and family into a new house. If I fail some weeks to save what I have estimated I will not beat myself up, but resolve to get back on track immediately and continue the journey.

Who’s with me? What will you change today that will make your tomorrow the day you’ve always dreamed of?



I was particularly struck by today’s prompt, Temptation. It was particularly interesting because I stumbled upon it when I was blogging. Was I attempting to avoid doing the necessary work of preparing for an imminent move from my current house. It struck me as funny because I was thinking of how I had much more important work to do than putting my ramblings out to the public.

However, I was particularly moved to write on this, so maybe now I enter temptation zone. I decided to look at the definition, “a desire to do something especially wrong or unwise.” Then I decided maybe my current situation did not reflect this definition of the word. I blog for me and my mental health. I am going through a particularly tough time in my life (I am 40 after all) and I think my sanity comes first. Often when I see words I look up images that the word conjures. Is it the same thing that comes to my mind? As I surfed today saw the image below. It made me chuckle. Not because it is inherently funny, but I identified with words written here:


All I could think was that was, “do we have more to lose or gain?”. I have been on the receiving end of what we can lose when faced with temptation. I know that it rarely ever lives up to our imagination (think the grass is always greener….blah, blah, blah). I always ask myself three questions when faced with a decision:

How will this affect me 10 minutes from now;

How will this affect me 10 days from now; and

How will this affect me 10 years from now?

If the answer to any of these questions is negative I run away quickly because I know the punishment I imagine is nowhere near the punishment I will receive. If the error is egregious enough, it only leads to living in hell while on earth. No one wants that. We never want our mistakes come back and haunt us for all eternity. However, acting impulsively can lead to the demise of the present and a future yet to be seen. Join the conversation. How do you view temptation? What is your one weakness that regardless of the consequence you can’t refrain?

Why am I here?

I will share the things I love, my hopes, fears, dreams. This will include a few ramblings to help me clear my heart, soul, mind. It’s a journey, life is fleeting, and I don’t want to miss moment. Welcome, snuggle with a cup tea, coffee, or stronger beverage of choice, and join the party!